Sultra Styling Dryer Review

Sunday, July 7, 2013

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After almost 5 years, my old hair dryer was beginning to become...well... a hassle.  It made my hair SO hot and it was making a strange sound, as if it was working harder to stay on.   I also noticed it began to take WAY too long to get my hair dry than it used to.    

So I was thrilled when Sultra sent me The Siren Styling Dryer! The Siren uses ionic and ceramic infrared generators to dry hair faster and it doesn't need to use intense heat to dry your hair and damage it!   Plus, it has a sleek design and an attachment to help give yourself a blowout without having to go to the salon!

I love this hair dryer!!!!   It has two speed settings and two temperature setting.   Strong hot airflow and lighter hot airflow is one set of options and the other is high temperature or low temperature.   Even with strong hot airflow and high temperature, this hair dryer does not get NEARLY as hot as any of my previous ones.   In fact, the first few times I was skeptical it would even work and get the job done.   Well, let me just say I have never had my hair dry so fast as it did with my Sultra Dryer.  And it isn't insanely loud so I can actually hear my TV in my bedroom as I dry my hair.   I love the attachment, it isn't bulky and heavy so it's easy to manuever even around the back of my head and get everything dry.  I've noticed that when I blow dry my hair straight with this hairdryer, my hair STAYS straight for the next 2 days until I wash it again.  It really does dry and style without being a burden!!!  

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  1. Good product, it's really useful after washing hair, thanks for your sharing!


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