10 Weird Ways I Save Money

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Everybody has their own unique ways of saving money, and mine are just that. And I can tell you that these are very effective and I easily adapted to them as part of my lifestyle. So here are 10 weird ways that I save money on a regular basis:

1. I eat healthy but cheap. I buy healthy foods like instead of sugary cereals, I opt for whole grain, etc. But I will buy generic brand as much as humanly possible. It tastes the same, and the ingredients are almost always identical.

2. I don't shop for clothes unless I absolutely need something. I know what I have and I use my wardrobe to make new outfit ideas. I don't go shopping for leisure... ever. In fact, I haven't been to the mall in about 2 years.

3. I embrace minimalism. As part of my Bucket List I decided to embrace minimalism. I did this in almost all aspects of my life. Because of this I don't buy anything I don't need, and I sold things for money that served no purpose to me.

4. Netflix. I've been a Netflix member for probably almost 10 years now. For $15 a month I can get 2 movies at a time. I don't have to worry about rental lengths, running to a rental kiosk. Plus, it keeps me home to watch movies instead of out shopping! 

5. I drive a paid off Honda. That's a win-win. My 2006 Honda Civic LX was a quality pre-owned car with about 4k miles on it. That's it!! So I got a great deal, and this car has given me no issues! I paid it off in December of 2012 and it is so nice to not have a car payment, or big maintenance bills. I make sure to keep up with the oil changes and any other routine maintenance!

6. I live at home. It's temporary but due to some crappy circumstances it was my only option. I do pay rent but not as much as I would to a landlord, so I'm able to save a lot of money AND take advantage of home cooked meals!

7. I exchange services for goods or other services. I love blogging and writing is so naturally easy for me, so I embraced Dave Ramsey's concept of trading services for services or goods and I blog in exchange for hotel stays, restaurant meals, car rentals, products, and events!

8. I take surveys and earn extra cash and gift cards. I use survey sites that I've been a member of for the past 6 plus years to earn gift cards for Walmart, Lowes, Target, etc. and to earn extra cash. I probably make about $200 plus a month at least!

9. I shop at the Dollar Store for A LOT. Cleaning products, paper plates, decorations, organizing bins, etc.... if you can get it at the Dollar Store...do it! I even get staple ingredients such as flour, eggs, etc. from the Dollar Store. Trust me, it saves me about $40 each month!

10. I don't wear makeup everyday or wash my hair everyday. This saves me on beauty product costs and in the end that can be a huge expense.
So what are some weird ways that YOU save money?

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  1. My savings tips: I put wear a fresh pair of SummerSox in all my shoes without fail...that way they stay clean and last longer (plus they feel awesome) ... and I only drink water... it's free and its the healthiest drink on the planet


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