5 Relationship Red Flags

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Here are 5 relationship red flags that should always be considered before you think you know someone well enough to get into a serious committed relationship with them.

Does he lose his temper often? Does he get mad at something that he can’t fix, does he flip out on his neighbors, does he aggressively pursue a stranger that’s rude to him in public?
These all could be signs that he could do the same to you. He may be on his best behavior now but everyone is at first… so be careful.

Is he jealous, controlling or needy? Does he spend ALL his free time with you?
If he easily neglects his own responsibilities like work duties, helping family out, or getting things done around his house, it could be a sign that he is very needy and very controlling.

Does he get jealous if you even look towards another guy?
It’s okay to get jealous inside but if you act on things and get angry or upset then that’s a HUGE red flag. Does he insult you?If he insults you at all… that’s a sign that he can easily pull that trick out anytime you upset him or during an argument. Low blows aren’t fair. And you don’t deserve to be insulted…EVER!

Did he have abuse in his home ever?
If he grew up in a family where a spouse was abused, he could have adopted that behavior and he could end up doing it to you. Once you know someone well enough, and their childhood, it’s easier to tell if this is the case.

Does he consider himself a failure?
Any guy who considers himself a failure is a huge red flag…. He will come FULL of emotional baggage and you’ll end up walking on eggshells.

What are some other relationship red flags you know of?

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