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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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DharmaShop is my new favorite shop for all my meditation and spiritual needs. They started in 1999 with just a few items but after a trip to Dharamsala, India, they were influenced to start finding artisans living in India to create more items that they could add to their shop. The DharmaShop goal is to ensure they have happy customers but also a community online that supports the Tibetan, Newar, and Nepalese people. A percentage of profits is donated to Tibetan charities.

 photo c60eb7ac-60be-4170-ae82-61019e99bf70_zps068b97b7.jpg
One of the items they offer is a line of 108 mala beads. Mala Beads originally came from the Hindu religion. The significance of the 108 beads is because that is the number of mental conditions or sinful desires that one must overcome to reach enlightenment or nirvana. Mala beads also come in different colors and material compositions. The main purpose for mala beads is to create a sense of tranquility and inner peace for the person using them.

I received the 108 Mala Bead in Amethyst from Dharma Shop. These beads mean so much to me because I wrap them around my hands when I meditate every day. These are made with 8mm amethyst beads and a crystal guru bead. It measures 26 inches around and was handmade in Kathmandu Nepal! The amethyst stone is a meditative and calming stone. It works in emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects to provide comfort, peace, balance, patience, and a sense of calm. It’s also great when dealing with money issues which can lead to prosperity. Amethyst can also help heal personal losses and grief. It can bring a sense of peace and happiness inside, as well as contentment.

I love holding this when I meditate it makes me feel so calm and happy inside. And sometimes when I’m having a particularly stressful day, I wrap these around my wrist like a bracelet and hold them when I’m sitting at my desk.

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