What I learned from the Book THE SECRET

Monday, October 28, 2013

The insane thing is this book, The Secret, is so legit and the secret if applied correctly, really does work. I've already applied it to my life before reading the book and here are some of the ways I can show you it has worked for me.

Parking spots

There’s a part in the book that talks about how the one guy always imagines the parking spot he wants on the way to the store, and each time he gets there , it’s open or it’s open after he drives down the aisle quick first. I suddenly realized that I always was envisioning a parking spot next to the one car corral and it’s always open or if it’s not, the one next to it is! I’ve been doing that for years, so I will continue to do it.

No parking tickets

The book explains how you shouldn’t curse yourself by saying “I don’t want **Something bad** to happen.” Instead you should focus on the opposite of that in a positive manner. Well, this has also been working for years for me, as I have no speeding/parking tickets. Every time I tell someone that, they say, knock on wood! And I always say, I don’t have to, I drive smart and I will continue to, rather than saying that I don’t want to get pulled over ever.

Opportunities for income

I stopped wishing for a way for easy money, and instead just told myself in the Summer that I would have lots of lucrative opportunities with my blog. Within weeks, everything poured in and it wasn’t until I read The Secret that I understood that it was from me thinking positively towards it.

After reading the book I did a few more things that worked in my favor:

Winning giveaways

I entered them with the intent to win, I didn’t doubt anything for a second or worry that my chances were not good to win. In fact, I ended up winning at least one giveaway a week since then. I just keep my thoughts positive.

Improving my Health

I began to catch a cold, and I remembered what it said about mind over matter...and the power of healing from positive thought. So rather than dread being sick or getting worse, I'll just focus on how strong my body is and how much it will kick butt. Hey, it's worked so far!

Surrounding myself with Positive People

I must say, after reading this book, I can not stand negative people or downers, even more so than I already couldn't stand them! If you read the book, you will see what I mean!!!!!
Seriously, GO BUY THIS BOOK! You will not regret it!

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