Why It's Hard For Guys to Say "I Love You"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Whether he said it once and never again, or he has yet to say it... girls are always talking about those 3 little words coming out of their man's mouth. So here are just a few reasons why he may be holding back still.
1. Men are afraid of Rejection
Plain and simple, they are. If they have any doubt that you may not say it back (fear is always a factor) they will hold off.

2. They never pick up on hints.
You can hint around at it all you want but they won't catch on... so don't bother. Plain and Simple!!!!!

3. Men aren't as in touch with their feelings as women are.

This doesn't mean he doesn't feel anything for you, but sometimes, men take longer to realize what their feelings are compared to us. We know right away if someone is longterm material. Sometimes men take a bit longer to see that. So if he hasn't said it yet... he may just not officially know he has fallen in love with you! SO RELAX!

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  1. me and my bf have been together for 9 months now and he always tells me he loves me. he's so affectionate towards me. i guess he gets it from his parents. im glad my bf isn't one of those who hold back from showing their feelings.

    1. You are def lucky valerie!! not all guys are so difficult with showing that... but its still always something to be grateful for!


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