Why Does He Act Different Around His Friends?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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It’s a common thing for a girl to wonder… why a guy may act different around his friends… whether it’s less affectionate, a bit more goofy, or whatever… sometimes ladies take it the wrong way so before you start reading into this scenario the wrong way… here are 3 possible reasons why he really may be acting different:

1. He doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.
This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his friends to be jealous, but it means he doesn’t want to be all PDA with you and have his friends not want to hang out with the two of you together… and if you think about it that’s good he’s cautious of this because that means he wants you to be able to tag along for group events with his friends! RED FLAG IF: He is a total jerk to you and says seriously mean things or acts as if he doesn’t even know you.

2. He is in the laid back friend situation.
When you are with your friends… you tend to let loose and just be silly and goofy. You aren’t all focused on your significant other. This is a good thing, if you can hang out and be one of the guys with him without getting mad that he’s in his relaxed friend-hang-out mode. RED FLAG IF: He is like this and neglectful of your presence even when you aren’t with friends. Maybe it’s his personality or maybe he just doesn’t feel that into you.

3. He is trying to have fun and do what his friends normally do.
If he is joking around with you dish it back to him and show him and all his friends that you can hang. RED FLAG IF: He says insulting and hurtful things to you.

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