My Happiness Project - October - Pay Attention - COMPLETE

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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My Happiness Project for the month of October was to ">Pay Attention.

Ways I did this were:
1. Meditate
2.Learn about Mindfulness.
3.Love myself more than ever before.

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1. Meditate
I even took a course just to get Meditation down pat and it worked! The thing I love about it is the challenge at first, because you have to teach yourself and train your mind to be able to do it. I feel much happier now and less on edge even in stressful times. I feel I have better control of my mind.
2.  Learn about Mindfulness.
I was guilty of multitasking ALWAYS so I made sure to slow myself down. I didn't worry about doing 103948093284 things at once and instead just began doing what I enjoyed doing. Now I don't feel so rushy rushy all the time.

3. Love myself more than ever.
To start doing this, I had made a list of everything in my life currently going on..even if it was something not so great.. but when I wrote it down I made it into something great. Like if I was stuck on a major decision, I put down that I am so great that I have TWO choices for something. The second I stress or worry now I write down all the good things going on. I also have started writing an amazing love letter to myself. It's okay to do this stuff. I love myself a lot more than ever now. It's hard to explain but I just do!
Check back tomorrow for October's Happiness Project which is to Pay Attention!
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