Tune in to the Electrolux Live Cooktop Challenge!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

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If you love watching food shows and seeing celebrity chefs cook up delicious new meals... then tune into Food52.com for the live stream on November 6 at 1pm EST.    You'll get to learn a thing or two about cooking and even get the opportunity to win an Electrolux cooktop!   Wouldn't it be so easier to prepare meals with a quality cooktop?! 

Electrolux has some great cooktops like the Induction Cooktop for $1,999 for the 30" or $2,199 for the 36".  It can boil water in 90 seconds, gives you control of a gas cooktop with an electric range, and can indefinitely hold food at the perfect serving temperature.   

Electrolux also has an Electric Cooktop ($1,299 for 30" and $1,399 for 36") that has the Flex-2-Fit Elements that adjust up to three sizes.   Your elements will fit your cookware with no problem.   It also has the Glide-2-Set control panel that allows you to control heat with the touch of a finger!      

And of course there's the Gas Cooktop ($1,349-$1,549)  which has a dual flame sealed burner and amazingly designed precision control knobs.   So basically, there's something for everyone!  So join me and tune in to learn some more about cooking and to get your mouth watering! 


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