How to Clean Out Your Closet

Monday, October 7, 2013

There will always be Spring Cleaning.. But let’s not forget Fall Cleaning.   Since you are switching out your Summer wardrobe for your Fall one, now’s a great time to clean out your closet while you have everything emptied.   Here are some easy tips on how to do this.

1.First, clear the floorsTake all non closet items (like photos and photoboxes) and put them on the dresser in the hallway and then I can put them in the bookshelf and stuff.  

Also -Purge your shoes…. Make 4 piles… KEEP,   PITCH,  DONATE, UNSURE  - You will come back to the unsure pile later and you can go through it again and ask DO I REALLY WANNA KEEP THIS

2. Go through your clothing that is hanging (need to make room for other items to hang before u do anything else)

Don’t Keep it if:

-You haven’t worn it in 2 years

- it’s faded or has stains

-It doesn’t Fit

**Make a KEEP PITCH DONATE pile to help this process

3. Purge Hangers – get rid of all the old crummy dry cleaner ones (thin metal ones) , seriously they are terrible. Wire hangers are the worst

4. When you start to hang up your clothing again, you can organize it several ways: ALL of these ways make it so much easier to choose outfits and wear more than just the same 10 outfits a month

I do my closet by color. ALL my same colored items are together, and within each color I do Tank tops, then short sleeved, then half sleeve, then long sleeves.

All short sleeve shirts together, all long sleeve shirts together, all blouses together, all tanks together, etc.

5. Purge underwear and pitch any with holes , stains, or ones that don’t fit.

6. Purge panty hose and bras.

7. You might have room for pants in one drawer or you can hang them in the closet if you get rid of enough clothes.

8. After your drawers and hanging clothes are done, you can put your shoes back in your closet.

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