LuckyFABB 2013 Recap: Day 2

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

With Day 1 of LuckyFABB in the books, it was time to wake up for Day 2.  It was a bit chaotic in the city and I was actually lost and nearly in tears when I magically got approached by a woman who was also lost and turned out to be going to LuckyFABB as well!   She was Melissa from GirlieMom Blog!  When I got to my first session I bumped into this awesome girl...Monika from Moda by Monika.   She actually lives rather close to my area and she also loves her dog and cars! 

My first session of the day was Grow Your Traffic with Our Tried-and-True SEO Checklist.   The speaker was Raman Kia.   He's an executive director for Integrated Strategy at Conde Nast. 
 He had so much amazing information for us about how google search really works and that everything has to be accessible on your blog in order to show up in search results.   He discussed how indexability and page rank factors on and off your page can really make your traffic grow. 
 Keywords have a lot to do with it as well and he explained how even image alt text is important.  A unique POV should be in every blog post as well as links.  Then when you create a link for a blog post make sure you include the subject in the link.   

Finally, he explained that when thinking of which keywords to use in your posts, research them first to see what kind of results come up.  

The second session was Maintaining Editorial Integrity while Monetizing, which also featured Rakuten LinkShare.  

The speakers were Stephanie Taylor from ASOS, Meg Mahoney Dusil from PurseBlog, Amber Melhouse from Rakuten LinkShare, and Lindsey Eis from Rakuten LinkShare.  They discussed the importance of keeping your blog's content and your voice in mind even when tempted to sway because of free products, etc.   And they also discussed affiliate partnerships.  

After Session 2, it was time for lunch.   I honestly didn't know what to do or where to go and I didn't really have anyone to meet up with so I texted Diane from Style Context, and she (is just like me) said OKAY! when I asked her to grab lunch with me.  She's such a sweet girl!  So down to earth and kind!   We had a burger from a place across the street from the conference! 

Session 3 was Street Style Photography.  
 The speaker was Adam Katz Sinding, a photographer and the founder of Le 21eme.   He had amazing advice about street style photography. 
He explained the importance of focusing points, such as the eyes and how to correctly position yourself when you are taking photos (bend at the knee or kneel).  He even explained aperture settings which was very overwhelming to me until he actually explained it in a simple way.  I also learned about ISO.   The higher the ISO, the more grainy it can be, the lower, the more crisp.  Use lower ISO in higher light and higher ISO in lower light environments.  

Session 4 was about an Editorial Calendar but I had to be on my way to catch the train at that point.    I had to quickly grab a gift bag and basically run through the streets with it.  This thing was heavy and weighed 25 pounds I swear!     

Enormous Gift Bag!

Come back tomorrow when I show you what was in the gift bag! 

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png


  1. Great recap! You went to some sessions that I did not get to attend. I will definitely share this post!


  2. Aww thank you! I'm actually uploading Day 2 on my blog when I get home after work. We need to meet up and have some Philly Cheese Steak :)

  3. what a great recap and I enjoyed to meet you on the streets of NY ! funny, how close we were to the building. LOL


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