Sherpa Park Tote Review

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Quaker Pet Group offers a selection of brands that carry pet products and supplies for your beloved furry friends. Sherpa is one of them, and it offers a line of pet carriers that help you keep your pet safe and comfy while on the go. There are pet carriers for every breed of small dog and cat and Sherpa carriers were the first soft sided pet carrier to be endorse by major airlines! It's important to remember that when traveling anywhere whether by car or plane, your pet should always be contained and securely strapped in. This not only makes others around you feel comfortable, but your pet will be safe and content, and you won't have to worry at all! 

I received their Park Tote, which converts from a carrier to a blanket which is great for restaurants, patios, parks, and almost anywhere else I can think of. The whole thing is machine washable and it's great because there's no liner to remove.... you can just toss the whole thing in! Plus, it comes in different colors like black, brown, and zebra and leopard. There are 2 sizes...small which is 14x6x9 and medium which is 16x8x11. I received a medium for my pups. I love the quilted design and the zippered outside pocket. It's great for storing treats and even my cell phone. The roll back mesh top panel is great for letting fresh air in and allowing the dogs to see me when one is inside. The inside is so soft and when you make it into a blanket, it's warm and cuddly! You can purchase one for your pets at:

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