My Happiness Project - October: Pay Attention

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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This month My Happiness Project for October is to Pay Attention   This is important because I really do have a lot of passions and I feel like I'll be happier in my life if I pursue them more!  . 

Ways I will do this are:
1. Meditate.
2. Learn About Mindfulness
3. Love myself more than I ever have before.

1. Meditate.
It's on my bucket list anyways, but I really want to learn to master this. I hope that within 30 days, after reading some books about it, I will be able to clear my mind of all thoughts when I meditate. One way to do this is by thinking of a concept that you just can't actually comprehend. Like What did the world look like before it came into existance... see?

2.  Learn About Mindfulness.
I will do research and learn more about being mindful because I struggle with it currently. I am always multitasking and never living and enjoying the present moment at hand.

3. Love myself more than I ever have before.
I know this is hard to explain, but I want to become focused and aware of my being and seriously love myself so much because I will enlighten myself as to how awesome I really am. You'll see :)

Check back at the end of the month to see how I reached my goal!

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  1. I truly need to learn to meditate. I've tried before and I don't know why -- but I have issues. I should really learn to calm down a bit, relax and do it. Good luck!


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