Juil Footwear Review

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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I've recently become more relaxed, and in control of my mood and my mind, and I love the idea of living a healthy balanced life. I had no idea before recently, that even the right footwear can help me practice that on a daily basis. That's what I learned about Juil, a brand that carries a line of sandals that cleanse the body of stress and toxins, allowing you to live a balanced life. Juil sandals are comfortable and recreate the feeling of walking barefoot, which is a calming feeling. They embrace the science of grounding. And studies have actually shown that maintaining a direct connection between the body and the Earth's surface is very beneficial to our health.

Just think of all the toxins and stress we are exposed to on a daily basis - from air polution, to cell phones, and even stress from work or home life. The more you are exposed to all of this, the more free radicals build up inside of you. They attack healthy cells and can actually cause inflammation and lower your immune system. Ever notice how you get sick whenever you are really stressed? Yet, the Earth is a giant magnet, so if we stay connected to it by wearing grounding shoes, the electrons from the Earth can be absorbed into our body and neutralize and release the free radicals that built up in our bodies. Walking barefoot can do the same thing but it's not safe and socially acceptable in most public scenarios. Juil footwear doesn't have a rubber or plastic outsole to prevent your body from making a connection with the Earth. Instead, it has copper dots that act as a conduit. They line up with your toes.

I received a pair of Hera Sandals from Juil. I love the way they were packaged and they even came with a nice yoga mat carrying case. When I slipped these flip flop style sandals on, they were so smooth and soft. I absolutely love how they felt and the bottom of my feet and toes felt great touching the little copper dots. These are very easy to walk in and the color selection is great! I wore these for about a week non stop, or at least as often as I could. I could certainly feel more peaceful inside and I noticed amidst all of the sickness going around at my job, I was the only one who didn't catch anything! At times when I felt nervous or stressed, I'd wiggle my toes and rub them against the copper dots and it would remind me to calm down! I am so happy with these sandals and I really believe they work and they have already worked for me. I highly recommend all of you own at least one pair of these!

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