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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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When it comes to t shirt printing you have to check out Allied Shirts. They let you design everything from college t-shirts to funny shirts and random graphic t-shirts! These are shirts you can wear on special occassions, or all the time! Whether you want your personality to show or you want to show off that you are with your friends bachelorette party, Allied Shirts is the place to go! They have an easy-to-use design tool so you can make a custon shirt and you can select from a variety of high-quality t-shirts that are all affordably priced. The team at Allied Shirts checks every single shirt order to make sure it's correct and of the highest quality for you. If you don't upload your image correctly and it won't look right on your t-shirt, they'll be sure to let you know and fix it! Everything is done by hand...yep...every single shirt. That should really give you some piece of mind now.
 photo photo1_zps48105b69.jpg
I received an awesome Buddha shirt from Allied Shirts. I chose it because I've been into meditating lately so this is a nice shirt for me to wear after a long day at work when I just want to relax. It actually reminds me to meditate each day too. I love how the graphic came out on it and it's a very comfortable and soft shirt. The whole process of creating this was super easy. I actually chose a design they had in their library but I loved how accurate the preview was and it was easy to center this the exact way I wanted it. I also loved that they have a wide variety of neck styles to choose from on their shirts. This is going to come in handy when it comes to designing matching shirts for a fun event for me and my friends! I highly recommend Allied Shirts for your tshirt printing needs!!

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