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Saturday, October 12, 2013

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I know that everyone jokes about this, but on a serious note... every woman has a moment in her life where she has a bathroom dilemma...she needs to go but is too embarassed or isn't in a comfortable situation. It could be a guy she just met, or someone she just isn't fully herself in front of yet...but regardless, there is no point in making yourself feel sick inside because you are too afraid to go to the bathroom at his place. What's there to be scared of? Most women would say it's the smell... so that's why I am telling you to go get Just A Drop and you'll never have to worry again!!
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I am so serious when I say that the Just A Drop line of products is designed to make your bathroom or any bathroom you use smell fabulous like you never even used it. How it works is you add a drop before you even use the toilet. It creates a pleasant barrier so that whenever anything hits it and goes in the bowl it breaks the seal and releases the plesant odor molecules. That way no matter what happens, you are generating a pleasant smell! And the best part is that the on the go packets are tiny, and can easily be carried in your pocket or purse. You discreetly use them and dispose of them without anyone catching on! Trust me ladies...you all need this!

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