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Monday, October 7, 2013

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I can not start my day without my Keurig Coffee but now, I enjoy it even more. That's because when you drink Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup packs you actually help coffee-farming communities improve their lives. The whole Fair Trade Movement enables farmers to get a fair price for their beans so they can fix roads, ensure they have healthy drinking water, and build schools and help educate their youth!

The Three Continent Blend combines flavors of South America, Africa, and Asia into one. It's very bold but still delicious and not overpowering. I actually used less creamer and sugar in these!!!

Kelly Clarkson actually went on a trip to Peru with Green Mountain Coffee so she could see firsthand the benefits of the Fair Trade movement. I enjoyed seeing how she helped get the coffee beans and visited the women that are working great empowering jobs in their community thanks to the Fair Trade Movement. She even put on a little concert for the one village, how sweet! I just love her! Well if you want more information head over to and if you want a coupon code for Keurig Brewers, contact me ASAP for an exclusive coupon code at each code is unique!

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