Feel Beautiful in Bex NYC + A Giveaway

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Bex NYC and the woman behind it, Rebecca Szymczak understand that feeling beautiful starts on the inside.   But of course, as you work your way out, you shouldn't neglect what you wear under your clothes, which is why Bex NYC has a luxurious line of bras, nighties, underwear, lingerie and other accessories to help you feel like the beauty queen you are!  

I received samples of the Le Fumeaur Lace panty and not only are they super soft and comfortable but I feel amazing when I wear them.  I seriously walk with a bit more kick in my step.  I love how they come folded up in a little cardboard box, which also makes for a great gift idea for girlfriends!   

This panty is lacey and beautiful and even has a little gold key charm for decoration.  I can't believe how comfortable these are, and I know there are plenty of skeptics out there that think lace can be annoying all the time, but I could seriously wear these for a whole day and it didn't bother me.  If anything, they were comfy and at times I didn't even feel them there!    

One winner will get a pair of the Le Fumeaur Lace panties above!

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  1. oooh I have never seen this website before, they have some cute stuff. I really like the "The Speakeasy Bralette, Merlot" the style and color is gorgeous!

  2. They have a huge variety! I like the panties you got though because of the key, reminds me of an old skeleton key and I love anything vintage looking!

  3. I love the The No.2 Skirt- Leather!


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