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Monday, February 3, 2014

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I swear everyone's getting engaged lately, and you know what that means... Bachelorette Party time!!!    Whether you are the one organizing it, or you just want to give some good suggestions, I have the perfect store for you!   Bachelorette Superstore is one of THE largest online retailers of bachelorette and bridal party supplies.     

Not only do they have tiaras, beauty products, and other fun themed items, but they have great ideas for the actual party activities! 
 Remember how fun Truth or Dare was as a kid?  Well imagine a grown up version of the truth side, where you have to tell some juicy deets at the request of someone else.... that's what Topic Sticks are... they are excellent conversation starters and they help everyone relax and laugh and enjoy themselves.  It's hard to be around several girls you may not be familiar with, but this game will certainly take the edge off!

There are some awesome conversation starters in here, things I wouldn't normally think to bring up.  I was cracking up so hard at some of them, too like "Funniest thing you have ever seen."  My girlfriends had some interesting responses for that one! 

So whether it's for a Bachelorette Party of just a Girl's Night Out (or in!) check out Bachelorette Superstore for some awesome party supplies! 

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