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Friday, February 14, 2014

If you enjoy my blog then I'm sure you will enjoy the blogs of some friends of mine! This week I'm introducing you to my fellow blogger friend Janet of Janets Journee

The blog Janets Journee is a review of the city of Philadelphia and beyond through my eyes.  I highlight and cover runway shows in Philly/ NYC/ NJ, concerts, networking events, fashion presentations, artist mixers, shopping events, and more in the city.  I also conduct interviews with upcoming talent in Philly from music artists to fashion designers, which keeps you, the reader informed on the latest!  Janets Journee also posts real life inspirational posts to keep you, the reader lifted on a daily basis!  From time to time, I will share my art and family gatherings with you to remain connected with you, the supporters and readers who make this blog possible.

5 Things About Myself: 
1. I graduated from West Chester University of PA with my B.A. in Studio Arts/ Graphic Design.  
2. I originally wanted to become a fashion designer (and I still love fashion!)  
3. I am the oldest sibling of four.
4. I love to create fine art on my free time, it's very therapeutic! 
5. I am an Assistant Director at a Montessori School, and started teaching right out of college!

2 of my Favorite Posts 

"Mixed Media Shoe Frenzy!"- I created a 2-D shoe on paper using colored pencil, seed beads, colored pencil shavings, and denim.  I really love the shoe and I've received so many compliments on it and I hope that you will love it too!  An original art work by me.
"DJ Ricochet x Move In Silence"- An interview I conducted with one of Philly's hottest DJ's and the official DJ for Chill Moody.  I had a moment to ask him about his "Move in Silence" t-shirt line that will soon be expanding.  The concept of the brand is intriguing and very motivating, so check it out!

My Links Are:

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