How I Keep My Feet Warm + A Giveaway

Friday, February 14, 2014

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Have I told you how much I despise winter lately? Well, I do... mainly because I get so darn cold and uncomfortable, starting from my toes up.  But ever since I got a pair of Heat Holders, it hasn't been nearly as bad for me!

Heat Holders started up in 1947 in England.  Their North American office is based out of Ontario, Canada so they really know about cold temps!   They were developed in an effort to find a sock that would be THE warmest sock ever yet still be practical and comfortable so they can be worn in everyday life. 

More than 10 million pairs have been sold worldwide. These are great for anyone, men and women, and especially as a gift for the hardworking man in your life!!!     
But how do they work? Well, Heat Holders are made in a three stage process.  Insulating yarn is used to construct the sock with a long loop thermal pile which then gets brushed intensely.  This traps warm air generated by your body so it's closer to your skin for longer and keeps you warm and comfortable.  And what if your feet get sweaty? Well, Heat Holders has that covered too with their acrylic yarn that wicks away moisture, so no worries! 

Heat Holders come in different lengths like crew and knee high. They come in different colors and in sizes Large and Small for both Men and Women's sizes. 

So I received a pair of Heat Holders in raspberry and I love them!  I wear them out and about under a pair of stylish boots (and even in outfit photos!).   When I'm home lounging around, I wear them over a pair of leggings and an oversized tee.  It's amazing how much warmer I am when my feet are cozy and comfy.  

They are so cushiony inside of my boots but they aren't overly bulky.  My feel felt so good and it actually made my feet less sore at the end of the day when I kicked my boots off!! lucky winner will get to stay cozy and warm with a pair of their very own Heat Holders!

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  1. Those look so cozy and warm! Great giveaway!


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