Why Do Dogs Love Duck?

Friday, February 28, 2014

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Yea, well if your dog doesn't like it mine sure do! 

The other week I let them try Sojos all-natural treats with duck and cherry flavor.   They are obsessed!  

Sojos makes their treats from scratch with whole foods and they bake them to perfection all in the USA.  All of the ingredients are human-quality.  There is no wheat or corn.  It's like making the treats in your own kitchen!

The dogs would do any trick I could make up just to get a hold of another duck treat!    I highly recommend this for your fur babies! 

 photo Screenshot2014-01-05at102823PM_zps73241dbc.png


  1. It's not just your dogs, mine love duck, too! If you haven't, you might be interested in trying the limited treats by Natural Balance. They have a duck/potato formula in several differnt treats types, and in food also that my dogs love. I've tried several other duck treats by smaller companies and my dogs have loved everything duck. I'm very particular about food/treats for my fur kids! Mine enjoy the sojos treats as well but loved the NB limited ingredient duck stuff even more!

  2. Your little fur baby is so cute! About the same size as my cat;) Happy weekend!

    1. lol my moms cats are bigger than all of my pups heheh! Hope ur weekend was great girl!

  3. What a cute little dog! I've never tried to feed my dog duck. Maybe he would love it too!


  4. My dog won't touch duck for some reason. She goes crazy for chicken though. =)


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