10 Reasons Your Blog Traffic Isn't Growing + How to Fix

Monday, August 4, 2014

Do you gain new readers everyday? Does your traffic grow on a weekly/monthly basis?  

You see...

THIS is what healthy blog growth looks like. It grows every month.  EVERY month. 

And do you know why?  Because I improve my blog in multiple ways every month.  If you put the time and effort into your blog (moreso the effort) you WILL reap the benefits and you will be able to make more money off your blog.

Interesting Content=New Traffic = Good Stats= Impressive to Brands = More Opportunities to Work with Brands. 

Simple as that. 

So if your blog stats don't look like that, below is a list of reasons that may be why and what you can do about them!

1. Boring Content
Are you posting content that you would want to read on someone elses blog?   Do you even read your own posts?     If you don't post interesting content or fun articles (5 Fashion Faux Pas You May Already Have Done) then chances are there's nothing appealing to new readers, or even current ones.

How to fix this: Think of things you would want to read or that you know excites your readers and then try to make it more fun to read.  Instead of posting about online shopping site deals, post about why everyone NEEDS each deal you include.  

2. Crappy Reviews
No one cares about the product you are reviewing unless you make it interesting.   STOP using pictures from the product's website and TAKE YOUR OWN!   

Don't ever ever ever copy and paste things from a press release email or the website itself... that's super boring and not good for your SEO so make sure you write about it yourself.  Trust me, we can all tell when someone copies and pastes information right into their blog post.  

And stop reviewing items that have nothing to do with your site.  We don't care about a shoe horn for your new pair of shoes if your blog is about DIY crafts.

How to fix this: Easy, stop doing everything I said above, and start putting your all into every review.  As you write a review pretend that you will get paid $1,000 if you make a good one.   

3. Unappealing Blog Design + Layout
Keep it simple and clean.  Pick a SOLID COLOR BACKGROUND (no graphics puhlease!) or a simple pattern and make sure it's a basic color (no neon please!). 

Does your site have tons of ads all over it and is some of your widget items off center?  

How to fix this: Keep it uniform.  Keep it 2-3 columns MAX and make sure everything fits and is spaced correctly.  Don't load your blog sidebar with ads.  No one will click them and it won't be appealing to your readers.  Be very selective.

4. No Problem is Solved for Readers
People like to read articles about solutions to problems. Can a specific problem be resolved by reading your blog post?  If not, then rethink how you write things or what you include.  

No one cares if you saw a really cool desk organizer at Target.  But what we do care about is if you post about how it keeps your desk clutter free, since most of us deal with cluttered desks everyday.   See what I mean?

How to fix this: Next time you think of a topic, play Jeopardy with yourself and figure out what question the product or topic resolves.

5.  You don't use social media effectively
It's okay to use your Twitter and Facebook for giveaway entries and tweeting and promoting your posts but make sure you also post interesting NON LINK statuses.   Ask a question that engages readers like "Which pair of shoes should I get, these or these?" or post a really cool quote that people can share/retweet.  

How to fix this: Make sure you interact with other people and respond to their statuses.  Also interact with brands so you get on their radar.  Also, when big names tweet you back, their followers may see it and decide to follow you!

6. You don't comment on other blogs
I know it may seem like a lot of effort, but reading and leaving a comment on other blogs is great for your traffic.  It gets that blogger and their readers to see what you said and possibly check out your page.

How to fix this: Find other blogs in your niche and comment on their posts GENUINELY (not Hi, great post).  Also leave a link to your blog at the bottome of your comment.  

7. You post too often
Try to limit your posts to no more than 3 a day.  It overwhelms readers if they always feel like they are behind on your blog.   Make an editorial calendar and stick to the schedule.  Also combine topics into fewer posts.   You can mention your favorite beauty products in one big post instead of individual ones.

How to fix this: Make a month's layout for an editorial calendar and start writing in your post ideas.   You'll see how much more sane you stay when you are on a schedule.

8. You don't post enough
If you don't post enough then people won't want to come to your page on a regular basis.  Sometimes if I check a blog multiple times in a week and there are no new posts, I lose interest, easy as that.

How to fix this: Try to post regular featuers like a weekly fitness post on Monday, a weekly giveaway on Wednesday, and a review every Thursday and Friday. 

9. Your post titles are lame
A post title sells your article especially on social media.  Ever notice the articles you tend to click on and read? They are probably lists (5 ways to be happier) or solutions to a problem (how to get out of an exercise slump).

How to fix this: After you write a post, THEN think of a title.   Try to make it a numbered list so the title can reflect that, or try to think of what the title should say in order to entice anyone and everyone to click it (Wait till you see what I did this weekend...).

10. You don't invest in your blog  
Sorry, but if you won't spend $50 on a layout or $20 on business cards, you'll never get that much back from your blog.   I make more than I spend on my blog so I speak from experience when I say stop being cheap.  Invest in your blog.  It's an amazing tool to help you grow.

How to fix this:  Don't cheap out on blog design layout, a logo, business cards, or attending events.

Which of these reasons applies to you and how will you fix it?

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  1. Loved this post! My growth seems to go in spurts - a lot for a while and then a lull for a while. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yep mine too. do you notice a pattern ever? I noticed that the summer months are a bit slower probably because a lot of people are either busy with their kids or are busy vacationing.

  2. I disagree with one thing.....press releases...I have 2 pet blogs (hmmmm, I comment here but you don't comment on mine! No worries, I love you anyway), I often get releases for adoption events. Those I DO copy and paste....I think those are different. For everything else I do agree with you. For my book reviews I often will use a paragraph or so from their press release, if they send me one, but the rest is ALL ME. I will always use my own photos on product reviews but WILL mix them with a photo that the brand sends to me. My reviews are popular, so I think it is working. The tips you offered ARE FANTASTIC and this post is a keeper....will refer back to it frequently! www.catchatwithcarenandcody.com and www.dakotasden.net

    1. OMG i am so bad at dog/pet blogs lately. I vow to change that! Anyways.. yea the press release for events is a lot diff... i just see a lot of bloggers when reviewing a product they copy everything word for word from the email that the press person sent them and it's def not authentic. its kinda like um whats the point of the review.


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