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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


You know that kick ass magazine I write for?   Well, in order to print and ship the Fall issue of Indie Chick magazine, we need help.  We need to raise $20,000 to fulfill orders and get the magazine the exposure it has earned itself!

You can help out by going here:
And donating......

But wait... talk about ROI - you get something in return.   

This is What You Get:

$10 - Social Media shoutout + get your name published and linked to social media handle of choice on our Funder's page.
$25 - (Everything above) + Early bird digital download of the Fall Issue
$50 - (Everything above) + Bundle Pack (Signed copy of the Fall issue, and our limited edition New Year 2014 and Summer 2014 print copies) + Inspirational poster.
$100 - (Everything above) + Your face printed on a t-shirt that your indie chick of choice will wear and promote across all our social media platforms, including our personal accounts.
$250 - (Everything above) + Merch package of a mug and a tank top of choice (ribbed tank or crop top)
$350 International option - (Everything above)
$500 - (Everything above) + Personalized copy of the Fall Issue with you as our cover girl (or guy)! And yes, this will be a real issue! Plus, a 3 hour consultation with Indie Chick of choice (You pick your topic! Business, dating & relationship advice, blog or branding consultation, social media strategy, life advice... etc. Or we can even just geek out over our favorite show!)
$1000 - (Everything above) + a blown up poster of your cover and a 2 exclusive invites to our Anniversary Launch Party in January, held in New York City.
$5,000 - (Everything above) + flights for 2 to our Anniversary Launch Party in January, held in New York City as guests of honor. Sit with us, hang with us, and let us introduce you to our incredible community.
$10,000 - (Everything above) + Be our VIP guests of honor. In addition to the flights, stay in a beautiful hotel, party with us all night, and ride in our limo! You'll get special treatment and a little thank you surprise at the party!

If you can't help out monetarily you can atleast help by sharing this post.  You can click the Facebook share button below or even the tweet button. It's THAT SIMPLE!


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