Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream Taste Test Event Recap

Friday, August 22, 2014


So earlier this month I received my 3rd mission from Turkey Hill as a Fan-Bassador.   It was to hold an outdoor taste test of the All Natural Ice Cream Line.

I immediately asked around and lucky me, a coworker had a contact that was organizing a free movie night in the park at a local church.  They have a huge playground outside called Adventure Park! On Saturday, August 2nd there was a free movie night (The Lego Movie) with free dinner and a bouncy house.

I was able to set up a table there and hand out ice cream samples as well as giveaway tshirts and a prize pack to random winners.  The kids LOVED the ice cream and the parents were very interested in learning more. I handed out coupons to everyone and explained how delicious I thought the All Natural line was!

It was perfect as a dessert after the kids finished their hot dogs, macaroni salad, and meatballs.   And it was a nice cool refreshing treat after they ran around in the park.

I bought $70 worth of dry ice and $20 worth of 4 oz sample cups and lids.  I ended up being able to give away 200 samples of Turkey Hill All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream.  There was at least 400 people at the Free Family Movie Night so I didn't stay the entire time.   I wish I could have given ice cream to everyone but I really didn't have the money to get more dry ice and I didn't have the space to store any more ice cream samples. I literally stuffed them all into my parent's freezer!!

The event was a huge hit and people came looking specifically for the ice cream samples.  The random winners of the prizes were so happy when they found a sticker on their sample cup and learned that it meant they were a winner!

Funny story after this whole event, I saw a guy using his coupon at the local grocery store the very next day. He recognized me as well and told me he appreciated me enlightening him about the All Natural Line and that he plans to buy it for his family each week!

All in all this was a very successful event!

So make sure you try the Turkey Hill All Natural ice cream line at your local grocer and let me know what you think!

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