A Fitness Update + Rubberbanditz

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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I am still so stoked that I completed my first ever 5k and can cross it off my 30 Before I'm 30 Bucket List but I am super excited that I still have motivation to run and work out on a regular basis even though I don't really have any other races planned yet.  I placed 52 out of 148 timed runners and was 7th in my age group and 11th in my gender!  SO FRIGGIN STOKED! My time was 27:14 with an 8:46 minute mile!!!  I will post more about this later as it's a huge deal to me!!!

Only one problem, I'm not a big fan of the gym or workout machines, so how am I supposed to get my strength training in? Well, that's no longer an issue because I use Rubberbanditz.

Rubberbanditz are so cool.  They are basically resistance bands that help you workout without having to leave your home to go to the gym.   I love them because they don't take up much space and they are so easy to use! They even came with an instruction booklet and a DVD. 

Not only are they affordable but they are perfect for fitness AND rehab training exercises.

You just attach them to something sturdy (I use my bedframe because trust me, that thing ain't moving while my mattress is on it) and you can gradually increase your reps. 

The seamless latex bands are made through a layering process to prevent breakage.  You can use them for stretching, toning, powerlifting, pullups, Pilates, and Yoga.  

So basically these Mobile Gym Kits will really help you get the most from your daily workouts without having to actually go to the gym! And if you are travelling, you can obviously bring these wherever you go!

So what are you waiting for?! 

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  1. Congrats on completing your 5K. Sooooo awesome. I also have deep love for Rubberbanditz and agree they provide a solid full body workout. Keep rocking and crossing those 30 before 30 things off!

    ~ Ari

  2. Yeah for 5ks! I want to do a Halloween 5K! I just started insanity and it is intense!

  3. How awesome! :)

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