Do These Dogs Look Vicious To You?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

There's so much bad press out there about certain breeds of dog like bull terriers and pit bulls so I figured I'd showcase 4 different SCARY dogs that belong to some people I know.

First, Meet Lexi.

She's a black English Bull Terrier.  Her age is unknown because her owner rescued her while she was roaming around Harrisburg with open wounds on her face and neck.

Thug Life...

 Poor Lexi had been used as a bait dog and had been at 3 different homes before she finally settled in with Amanda and Barry.   
When she's not being vicious and terrible (yea right)...she sleeps like any other dog!
According to her owners she is the most loving dog and it's pretty much impossible to figure out what she's been through because she doesn't seem to have any behavioral issues from her horrible upbringing.

Look! She even grins!

And cuddles.

But wait... Meet Molly.

Molly is Lexi's adopted sister and is a blue brindle Pit Bull.  

She's about a year old and joined the family after Amanda saw a friend needed to find a new home for her. 

Molly was shy and timid at first but quickly became besties with Lexi!   She takes a bit of time to warm up to people but once she does she's nothing but love and cuddles.

How Lexi and Molly's Owners Deal with stereotypes:
My own mom was afraid to come to our house because of Molly. She hear of all the stories about pit bulls and was scared of her.

But once she finally met her she feel in love with her!! One day my sister in law came over and said "I don't like her she is a pit bull" and my responded was "it's all in how they are loved and raised" then she said "that's what people all say" I just dropped the conversation, it'a sometime not even worth arguing with people.

 I tell people about her at work and I always have the same reaction. You have 2 bully breeds? Aren't you scared of them? They aren't going to snap on you and bite you with their death grip??

 I just laugh at them and say they don't have a death grip and they are the type of breeds that forgive and forget!
But wait... Meet Onyx.

After going through a rough time, Bob was looking for another dog.  He had a lot of dogs as a kid and always wanted a pit bull.  He always wants to rescue rather than buy.  A few weeks into his search, a neighbor contacted him and said there was a pitbull that needed a home.  Onyx is a 9 year old Black Lab/Pitbull Mix with a love of chewing, swimming, and running. 
She has a typical lab personality and is hyper at home but relaxes in public.  Even though she's shy at first she LOVES meeting new dogs.  

How has Onyx's owner deal with sterotypes?
 Pits get a bad rap from stereotypes. It's a dog same as any other. I can't stand how news post all bad press. I got bit in the face by a mutt as a kid in the 80s and no one batted and eye. It was my fault as I was in his face. I think people instantly think dog fighting and bad people with this breed.
I have good and bad experiences with people. Recently at a car meet a mother let her 3 year old run over and pet Onyx and didn't question anything which was great.  But another time, someone deliberately crossed the street when they saw Onyx. 
Every breed of dog can be kind or aggressive; it's how they are raised and their atmosphere. People jump on the negative bandwagon when they can. That's fine but know the facts before you act
And finally, Meet Sarge.
He's going to eat that baby, obviously!
Sarge's owner picked him up as a 6-week old stray.  He's now 6 years old and is a great family dog!

He even sleeps with the kids!
And looks out for them when they play in the sandbox.

He also gets into trouble...or maybe he just takes the blame for the kids because he's that awesome of a brother!

He loves his family.
How has Sarge's owner dealt with stereotypes?
I always say "once a nanny always a nanny" they were originally used as nanny dogs (protectors) of children. And it is so true. They are completely loyal to their family. It's all about how they're raised and treated.
We have had people in public pull their children away or be petting him until they ask what breed and immediately walk away when we say he's a pit bull.

So remember...don't judge a book by it's cover or a dog by it's breed reputation.

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  1. GREAT stories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My partner and I were looking into a Bull Terrier (before we realized they need a lot of space to run daily). But even just telling people that was the breed we were looking into, they would ask 'Aren't they aggressive?' To which I would reply "No, they are extremely loyal and energetic dogs." I had done sooo much research, but living in an apartment, I don't think a Bull Terrier would do well :(
    My Grandma had a pit bull and she was the biggest wimpy dog ever; it's how they are raised, just like any other animal or human.

    1. It's so very sad. I can only hope that ppl that hold these views continue to meet a dog that changes their misconception of the breed!


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