3 Key Pieces for My Fall Wardrobe

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So I went on a shopping trip recently to Rockvale Outlets Lancaster.  It was actually my first time there (that I can remember) and I was so impressed with the sales I found.  There are so many shops at Rockvale Outlets that it’s hard to shop just one at a time but I decided to start with a fun shop to add some energy to my wardrobe. .  

One of my favorite online stores is deb so of course I was excited to scout out some key pieces to make my Fall wardrobe more fun. 

1. A Denim Jacket - $35
This not only helps keep me warm but it's great for layering so I can still wear my warm weather pieces like tees and tanks.

2. Palazzo Pants - $22
I love these. They are super comfortable and perfect for Fall beacuse they are lightweight and not bulky.  I also love that they cover my legs so even if it's a cooler day, I'm still going to be comfortable. 

3. Patterned Leggings - $10
These are a must have for me because they are so transitional.  I can wear them with a tunic top and add some fun patterns to my outfit and I can always have my legs covered.   Leggings are the best part of Fall, at least for me!

These were all priced so affordably that it made it so worth it. These 3 items will get a lot of wear! All of these will be featured very soon in outfit photos! Can't wait to show you how I style them!
Are these items in your closet for Fall? How do you style them?


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  1. sweats materiel lined thighs and leggings are a must for me.

  2. I agree about the palazzo pants! I can't wait to wear mine for fall either!



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