5 Ways to Be More Productive

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I've been asked several times now how I am able to do it all.  I work full time Monday-Friday, I run a blog that is very successful, I have 4 dogs, a boyfriend, and I regularly exercise.  There's way more than that but it's true that I could easily become overwhelmed and I definitely used to.  Now, everything is in a fantastic balance of time and energy so I wanted to give you guys 5 tips that I use to be productive every day of my life. 

1. Write EVERYTHING Down.
I have a Filofax personal organizer that I have a weekly calendar in and I use it for EVERYTHING.  Each day I have a little to do list with check boxes so I can cross each item off as I do it.   The trick is to write EVERY task down.  You're more likely to remember to do it and not procrastinate, if the task is written down.

I write down everything from brushing my dog's teeth everyday to making my sandwich for the next day. 

2. Keep a Routine.
A routine is key especially because it helps you not make excuses.  You may not feel like working out but every Thursday is your 5 mile run, so the more you do it on a regular routine basis the easier it becomes to keep up with.

I have a daily routine as well as a weekly and monthly routine.  My daily routine basically goes like this:
5:45 Wake up, check email, feed dogs, eat breakfast
7-7:30 Check other blogs and do some surveys before work starts.
7:30-4 Work
4-5 Exercise
5-6 Daily tasks (sandwich, taking photos, taking care of dogs)
6 is Dinner
7-9 Surveys, Shower, Cleaning

Remember it takes 21 days to form a habit so keep at your routine and it'll become so natural eventually.

3. Keep the TV off.
I used to come home and turn on the TV and I would immediately get sucked in and felt like doing nothing else.   Now, I keep the TV off in the morning and I don't even turn it on in the evening until all of my daily tasks are done.  it's kind of like my reward for being productive.

4. Set a Time Limit to Shut Your Computer Down.
By 9pm every night I try to have my computer emails checked and everything caught up for the next day so I can shut down my computer and just relax.  Once you get into the habit of turning it off around the same time, it'll be easy and you'll look forward to disconnecting.

5. Keep it Simple.
I own less stuff, I buy less stuff, and I consume less stuff electronically via the internet.  Living a more simple life without clutter and annoying unneccesary phone notifications helps me stay focused on the task at hand!

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