28 Things I've Learned Before Turning 28 // Happy Birthday to Me

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Well, the day is here. I'm now 28 years old.  So it's only natural that as a blogger I put together a list of lessons I've learned before turning 28.

[1] Always read your bank statement.
Trust me, it will save you the shock and embarassment when you go to the store and your card is declined because Joe Smith in Maui spent $900 on scuba gear with your credit card.
[2] The phrase "You Shouldn't Have to Change" is Bullshit.
Everything in life is changing and evolving everyday and as long as your changes will benefit you and those intimitaely involved with you in a positive way you should embrace change and strive to grow as a person everyday.
[3]  Always save money from your paycheck.
Even if it's $10 that you stash in an envelope every week, it all adds up and it's a great habit to get into.
[4] Our parents aren't always the best example.
Just because we see our parents do something and then we use that to validate why we are a certain way in a relationship or at work doesn't mean it's okay. 
[5] Every 5 years you'll wish you looked how you did 5 years ago.
You really weren't as fat as you were convinced you were and your skin and hair were beautiful even though you thought they were plain and ugly.
[6] Speak up for causes you believe in.
Even if you are the only person in a room of 200 people that has a certain opinion, just know that there are hundreds more rooms of 1 person with that same opinion, and together you create an army for a cause.
[7] Learn to be alone with yourself and enjoy it.
If you can't stand being alone around yourself, there's a good chance others can't stand it either!
[8] If you're good at something don't do it for free.
Seriously, use your talents to make some extra income.  If you are good at sewing, let your friends pay you to alter some of their clothing. 
[9] Don't wear flat flip flops.
Sure, $2 is a great deal but trust me, they are terrible for your feet.  And if you think you're okay now, just wait....   your foot pain will flare up as you age, I promise.
[10] Don't wear stilettos for walking.
If you have to walk to your building everyday, suck it up and wear sneakers until you get in the building.  High ass heels are just as bad for your feet as flip flops, you'll see.
[11] Quit dying your hair 100 different colors.
I promise you that if you continue doing that, by the time you are my age, your hair will be breaking off and you won't be able to grow it past your shoulders.
[12] You don't need your cell phone.
I promise you this.  Luckily, when I was in high school I didn't have a cell phone until 10th grade and even then, it was a basic one that I really didn't use as much as kids do these days.  There's a whole world full of colors, smells, and sounds in front of you and if you quit messing around on your phone day in day out, you'll see more and more of it.
[13] Scrolling through your Facebook feed multiple times a day to see what others are doing is the biggst waste of time ever.
Who gives a shit what everyone else is doing.   Check it when you wake up or at the end of the day, but constantly having to "keep up" with all the new updates is making you more and more dependent on social media for entertainment.
[14] It's okay to lose to grow apart from friends each year.
As you get older and more mature, your life will likely go in a different direction than those around you.  That's okay. Be true to yourself, and understand that you will always come across new people with similar interests as you evolve as a person. 
[15] Keep in touch with your current friends.
There will be a select few people in your life that you will remain friends with until the end of time, and for those people you should make it a point whether it's monthly or weekly to meet up and spend time with them. 
[16] You don't have to have kids or get married.
Seriously, if you want to that's great and if you don't want to that's fine too.  Don't let the typical "graduate, get a job, get a house, get married, have a family" timeline suck you in if it's not the direction your life is heading.  Some people's lives head that direction and other's don't.  Go with YOUR flow.
[17] Don't use credit cards.
I know you "need" a credit score, and if you really want to use a card to build your score, make sure you can pay it off FAST! But other than that, lock up your credit cards... if you don't have the money to buy something you either don't need it or you need to start managing your money better.   Besides, if you have a savings fund, you can use that for financial emergencies.
[18] Go to the doctor every year. 
You will someday understand why it's so important.  It may be a hassle and it may cost money but an annual exam can help detect underlying issues and it's a great habit to get into.
[19] Think before you say or do anything.
Do you really need a second helping of ice cream? Should you really complain that your boyfriend called your phone during a meeting considering that he may have not known that you were in one?  Do you really want to go home with the man you just met at the bar.   THINK!
[20] Trust your gut.
There's a natural instinct deep inside us all, something that has nothing to do with God, magic, or energy.  It's called an animal instinct.  We can sense danger and we should give ourselves credit for doing so by listening to our instincts when we feel that something's very risky about a situation we are in. 
[21]A wedding isn't about spending thousands of dollars.
A wedding is one day out of your entire life where you celebrate marrying your soulmate while surrounded by your closest friends and families.  You can't put a price on that but since you kind of have to... make it an affordable one.    Most aspects of a wedding are things that people spend way too much money on like $6,000 for a wedding dress, but in the end making sure your guests are happy and well fed are the main priorities.  Let go of the obsession with SUPER over the top decorations and an insane cake.   Eat, Drink, and be F$*^ing merry!!!
[22] Use your damn turn signal.
If you often don't use your turn signal, get in the habit of doing it ASAP.  I have seen way too many accidents caused by people failing to signal or let other drivers know what the hell they were planning to do.
[23] Spend your money wisely on weekends.
By the time you are 28, and you look back and you realize you spent 5 years spending $100+ at the bar every Friday and Saturday, you will want to cry.   Add it up and then see how much of a down payment you could have made on a house with that money.  
[24] With success comes little loyalty.
The farther you go in life, the more careful you should be with who you let into your life.  Keep this in mind ALWAYS.
[25] Take your vitamins.
Vitamins are not only good for your body but also your brain so make sure you talk to a doctor about what all vitamins and minerals your body may need. 
[26] Stop procrastinating.
Get out of the habit of procrastinating or else it will just get harder and harder to kick. Set aside an hour each week to do all those things you kept putting off every week like changing the filter in your furnace, scrubbing the bathtub, or brushing your dogs teeth.
[27] Remember that life is short.
If you've made it to age 28 congratulations.  I know A LOT of people that haven't.   Be glad you are still alive and don't take another day for granted. 
[28] Get more sleep.
You need it!   And someday you'll understand how badly!

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  1. These are some great lessons! Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Love these! Happy Birthday!! :)


  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE PIE!! I have to say, I wish I had as much going for me when I was 28 as you do! You are one WISE lady! I learned from YOU reading this post. Now I feel old though...I am 58...a full 30 yrs older than you! Oh and you are soooooooo right on the "every 5 yrs you will wish you looked like you did 5 yrs before that" and soooooo many others! ((((hugs)))) on your special day!

  4. you always have the funnest posts! happy happy birthday! I love number 3 on saving money from your paycheck! I need to do more of that!


  5. Love this list! Happy birthday darlin!


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