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Friday, August 1, 2014

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You'll see it... wait till I move...

There it is!!!  My neighbor has had this sign up as long as I can remember.   It's seriously just a joke but I think it makes an awesome conversation piece for the background of photos.
Now let me tell you about my struggle with jeans.  I hate jeans lately because they just push on my waist so much and I am in one of those awkward times where I'm losing inches but also gaining muscle so I'm still filling my jeans out in different ways.

So these are the Hyde High Rise Skinny Jeans from Mia & Moss.   They are super comfortable and the high waist actually makes them fit better than I originally thought.  They are great when you want to tuck in a shirt.
I also how they look untucked.  The fit is amazing and they come in dark, black, and light wash.  Of course I wanted the light wash because it's great for a more casual look.  I dressed the whole outfit up with a pair of wedge heels. 

So What I Wore:
Hyde High Rise Skinny Jeans - Mia & Moss; Shirt - Body Central; Wedge heels - Just Fab.

HEY!!!!!   You can get 15% off at Mia & Moss with the code

And Free Shipping with the code


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