3 Ways I Get My Protein

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Sooo I have a fitness update and it's good and bad.  

Last week I was dealing with Achilles Tendonitis.  It was terrible and I only ran one day! But thanks to heel wedges, icing, heat pads, and keeping my foot wrapped, I think I'll be okay for the 5K this weekend!  Anyone have any experience with achilles pain?

On to my diet...

One of the big changes I've made in my life aside from running almost daily is making sure I get enough protein.  The thing about that is I'm picky.   I hate protein bars that you  have to choke down and I can't stand protein shakes that don't taste good so Cascadian Farms and their new line of Protein products has worked wonders for me!
So here are my 3 ways to get protein:

1. Honey Roasted Nut Chewy Bars
Not only are these great because they are chewy so they are easier to eat but the flavor is amazing!  And of course like everything else from Cascadian Farm it's organic.  I get 9g of protein per serving too!

2. Snacking on Dark Chocolate Coconut Granola
Sometimes I just grab a handful and go!   I love the flavor of the Dark Chocolate Coconut Granola. It's crunchy enough to satisfy my craving but it doesn't cut the inside of my mouth like other granola's have in the past.

3. Apple Crisp Granola Cereal
Well, I love cereal so when I add some milk to Apple Crisp Granola I get a lovely crispy snack!   It's great in the evening or even on a morning where I need to run and I want some protein beforehand.

This coming weekend is my 5K!  I am so excited and can't wait to see how I do!  I've been running 3 miles for weeks now, pretty much at 10 minutes per mile so I will update you after this weekend!

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