Rocky + Dino // A Chihuahua Love Story

Thursday, August 7, 2014

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As if Rocky isn't cute enough already, he now has a new best friend.   Rocky loves Dino.   He takes Dino everywhere.  Dino sleeps in Rockys bed with him and lays on the floor with him when he's chewing on a bone. 

How did Rocky meet Dino? Well...

I opened the mail one day to see a cute little green dinosaur from Quaker Pet Group. It's part of their goDog Tough Plush Chew Toys for dogs. 

This line is built for tiny little chewers like Rocky.   The Chew Guard Technology ensures a long lasting playmate for any dog.   And Rocky was no exception.  Right in the middle of snapping the above photos, Rocky ran up, grabbed Dino and ran away to his bed. 
Rocky loves Dino.  He sits there and squeaks it for like ten minutes at a time!!!   Dino is the perfect size for Rocky and the bright neon color is easily identifiable when I'm searching for the toy to appease my little man.

See.... all he wants to do is squeak Dino!    Dino is definitely Rocky's favorite toy and that makes me happy.  Of course, I always worry that each dog's favorite toy will get destroyed, but not Dino because he's built to last.  

What is your pet's favorite toy?   Is it a love story like Rocky and Dino?

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