Sh*t My Dad Said // BRILLIANT Life Advice Summed Up in 5 Sayings

Monday, August 18, 2014

Of all things to remember that a parent tells you, it's usually the ones that were kind of funny to hear come out of their mouth, but then you find yourself replaying them in your head years later when they've proven true. 

So, without further ado... straight from the mouth of my dad... here is some brilliant life advice.

On Relationships
I was crying one day a few years back telling my parents they must think I'm a huge slut because I've had several boyfriends and I'm still not married and it seems like everyone else is already settled down... and...
"You wanna know what I think?   I think that you didn't find what you wanted but you sure as hell found out what you didn't want."

BOOM!   Look at the bright side of everything even the mistakes you've made.  And learn from them.

On Hardships of Life
I really can't remember every specific event where my dad said this to me, but it generally was after a complaint from me about something that was difficult or unfair that I was facing. 

"It's called LIFE.  Life's hard, tough shit."

Yup, complaining isn't going to do anything. Accepting that no where in any way, shape, or form has it ever been written or promised that life is easy.   Actually if I had to define life I would say it's a series of events that you endure, some good and some bad.

On Mistakes
Obviously as a kid it's normal to make mistakes.  But in order to not repeat them you actually have to comprehend the meaning behind Oops, I'm sorry!

"Don't sorry me, Just don't do it again!"

Great advice especially when it comes to shit we continuously make excuses for.  Oops, I forgot to turn the oven off again.... too bad, if you know it's a regular mistake, start using sticky notes to remind yourself to turn it off.   Too often we use sorry as a bandaid to get someone off our case after we know we muffed up.

On Advice from Elders
You know how sometimes you know your parents may be right but you still try to prove why you think YOU are right?

"Trust me, I have a lot more years of experience on this Earth than you do so I think I know what I'm talking about."

Enough said. Point taken.

On Money
My parents have had their fair share of money problems so I would rather take advice from someone in their position than anyone else.

"Money doesn't solve everything."

It doesn't.   If you have relationship issues, being wealthy won't change that. You'll just be wealthy WITH relationship issues.  If you have a crappy work ethic but your parents pay your way, you might have money but you won't  be able to land a good job. 

And there you have it.  Straight from the mouth of my dad!

What kind of sh*t did your dad say?

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