5 Funny Happenings During My Blogger Meet Up

Friday, August 8, 2014

This past weekend I got to meet up with my blogger bestie aka my sister from another mister Monica from Jersey Girl Texan Heart!   We try to meet up once every 2 months.  Our meeting point is usually half way between us both so this time we chose a winery.    

So here are 5 funny moments from our little meet up! 

That Cat That Just Couldn't Stay Away
This friggin cat was too funny.  There were actually a couple of cats around and they were all friendly but this one literally stalked us around the winery.  Then when it was time for me to take some photos of Monica, not only did this kitty photobomb her but she's allergic so she couldn't actually pet him.  

Of course this meant the cat just kept rubbing against her legs. So funny!


Taking Pictures of Each Other Taking Pictures
Yep, we did that.   We couldn't stop laughing during it and I have to wonder what the people driving by though when they saw her on one side of the road and me on the other.

Can't Keep A Straight Face
We couldn't be too serious so we had several moments where we just acted totally goofy for the camera!

The Infamous Spoon
Monica was obsessed with this spoon she bought.  It's so cool but it was hilarious how excited she got about it!   Of course I captured her excitement in a photo!

The Meet That Almost Didn't Happen
That's right somewhere along the way I started thinking we were going to another winery and so I sent a tweet saying I was so excited to be going to (Insert wrong name here). Monica saw it (luckily) and said OH Crap! I thought we were going to Pinnacle Ridge Winery.  Suddenly, I realized that we were.   LOL!! Thank God for my tweet or else I would have went to the wrong place and it probably would have taken us another 20 minutes to figure out what went wrong! LOL!!!!

Do you have regular meet ups with YOUR blogger bestie?

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  1. It always fun to meet up with other blogger. I haven't had a meet up in a long time.

  2. Love it! What a great time!! I have only met my blogging pals at conferences, I think this is a great idea, to meet someone in-between and go somewhere fun!


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