4 Ways to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Relationship this Fall

Friday, August 28, 2015

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Fall is in the air which means that the kids are going back to school and the weather will start to get cooler.   That is the perfect equation for intimacy, romance, and focusing on a better relationship!  But it’s not so easy to get right back into the swing of things with your partner so I put together a few tips to help you embrace your romantic side and keep the spark alive!  Enjoy these date night ideas!
|1| Cook Dinner
Sure you can easily go out and order dinner at a restaurant or even call in a delivery order but taking the time to invest in your partner is very important.  So if that means buying ingredients and cooking a homemade meal then so be it.  Read the recipe, get all the necessary items, and carefully cook.  Make sure you have a nice table setting with nice plates and silverware so you guys can feel extra special and pampered together! Not only is this rewarding to your partner but also to yourself when you have a sense of accomplishment after you’ve created the meal.  Aside from being satisfying, eating a proper meal can help avoid any crankiness later.  I know when I’m hungry I get cranky, and I’m sure my boyfriend wants nothing to do with me so keeping a satisfied belly allows me to be on my best behavior and that’s always good for passion in a relationship.
|2| Watch A Movie
Going out to the movie theatre is nice but sometimes being at home is just that much more comfortable.  Find a nice comfy spot on the sofa, make some popcorn and have some wine, and settle in with blankets to keep cozy and warm and enjoy a movie while snuggling together.    Don’t let cell phones or anything else distract you. Enjoy the alone time with just the two of you!   Plus, snuggling releases happy chemicals in your brain and can help set the mood for later on.
|3| Go On A Walk
Sometimes it’s nice to just spend time alone in nature.  Go on a nature walk or a stroll around your neighborhood.  Focus on each other and talking about what’s been going in both of your lives lately.  Make jokes and laugh and don’t be afraid to show a little affection!  Since the weather should be getting cooler, a walk can be a nice way to not only keep active, but spend alone time with your partner and catch up despite the busy lives we all lead these days.
|4| Embrace Your Fun Side
Keep the phones and TV off and head into the bedroom.  Since you may feel a bit nervous at first try to get comfortable with K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel or K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel.  These K-Y® products are helping people embrace their intimate side by inspiring couples to grow together.  Intimacy is very crucial to a healthy relationship as it allows couples to express themselves in a deep way.  It’s all about keeping the passion alive through every season!  Passion can bring a couple even closer by helping them connect in a way that is shared only between the two of them.  And a nice way to ease back into your passionate side is by using a product like K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel or K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel.
You can find K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel and K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel at Walmart.

What ways are you going to warm up and keep the passion alive this Fall?

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  1. great tip


  2. These are great ideas! It's always so important to keep the flame burning in a relationship :) KY makes some really good products!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  3. Love these ideas!! Especially the last one ;) naughty naughty!


  4. Great post! We love meeting for coffee dates while the kids are in school!

  5. Great tips!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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