3 Vacation Spots in the US That May Be Good for Your Mental Health

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beyond eating fruits and drinking lots of water, health often extends to your mental wellbeing. In a fast-paced world where life gets so hectic, it’s important to slow down and take time out to relax as well as reflect. One of the ways to do that is by spending quality time with your family. Aside from doing so during dinner times or finding time on the weekend, you can also plan a family vacation or getaway every now and again as a way of getting away from the stress and noise for a few days. On that note, you’re going to find three vacation spots that may be good for your mental health below. 

Zion National Park

When contemplating the most ideal family vacation for your mental health, you should factor in things such as the ability to explore and gain new experiences with your loved ones as well as somewhere that isn’t
too stressful. For this reason, Zion National Park may be ideal as it consists of a serene environment and one that kids should love too. Seeing as Zion is Utah’s first national park, it is a destination that is both visually and historically rich. Some tips on making the most of Zion include viewing waterfalls as there are a number of large and small ones with the Emerald Pools being one of the most popular. You can also do a hike with the kids that is fairly easy so that everyone is able to participate. In terms of accommodation, do your research as Bumbleberry Inn which is a family owned hotel is likely to be a good option seeing as it’s close to the park. Overall, it should be a good vacation where you can become one with nature. 

Another family vacation spot that should give your mental health a boost is Destin, which is located in the sunshine state of Florida. This is an ideal vacation if you want sun, sand, and relaxation with your loved ones. However, there are also activities like going on boat tours, visiting the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park which is ideal for the kids, fishing, and visiting Crystal Beach. The ultimate goal should be to leave any stress at home, be fully present, and enjoy your time away.  

Grand Canyon
Research has shown that
taking a vacation is good for your mental health, so it’s key that you take it seriously. In light of this, another family vacation destination to think about is the Grand Canyon. Choosing somewhere that everyone will enjoy is key, so this destination is ideal as there’s something for everyone. Some things you can do include visiting the Grand Canyon village, walking along the Bright Angel Trail, and going rafting. Other exciting activities consist of a helicopter ride tour over the Grand Canyon and standing on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. 

Striking a balance between finding a vacation that can keep the kids fun and enable you to take a break can sometimes be a little tedious. However, it is imperative that you take a break from work and take time out to de-stress and unwind. Doing so should renew you physically and mentally and ultimately making you a better version of yourself.


  1. I agree with you, taking a vacation is good for mental health. ;)

  2. I have not been to any of these. I will have to look into them. Thank you for sharing.


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