Keeping Your Dog Active AND Safe

Friday, May 11, 2018

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As an owner of 4 very energetic dogs as well as some of them having health issues, I feel pretty comfortable talking about ways to keep them safe while letting them stay active.

Even though I have small breed dogs they can still get joint and bone issues like any other breed.  So how do I let them live but also keep them safe? Well let's discuss....

I took this photo one night shortly after I brought home all the rugs and my OCD was going crazy because nothing matched.

Safe Floors
So almost my entire house has hardwood floors which is great for humans but can be tricky for pets.  Dogs can definitely slip on this type of floor especially when they get excited all at once and try to run towards the door when a visitor arrives.   Stella recently injured her ACL and through conservative healing she's doing so much better but one major change I had to make was putting rugs down everywhere.  We do have a few area rugs but I added some runners on the parts of the floor she usually travels.   This way she isn't slipping and possibly re-injuring herself. 

Safe Heights
This is especially important for small breed dogs but have you ever watched them jump off a high couch or bed? It's so scary because they can easily injury their bones.  Always invest in ramps or dog steps.  Slowly get your dog used to using them even if you have to gradually do so.  Use treats to reward your dog when they correctly use the stairs or ramp and always encourage them to use it when getting on and off furniture.  Even when they are excited they may try to bypass them so keep a close eye.

Smart Treats
A great way to give your dog the extra supplements and vitamins it may need is through treats. They won't even know they're eating something good for them!

Loving Pets makes these ActivPetz Treats that are calorie friendly and made from real meat. They are a soft chew so it's great for dogs with little teeth.   I use the Hip and Joint treats that contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are good for bones and joints in any size dog.   They don't have any gluten, soy, wheat, or corn so they're definitely a smart treat choice.

Closely Monitor Activity
Any time your dog is playing outside or even roughhousing inside, pay attention to what they're doing.  If they happen to hurt themselves you'll likely have a better idea of what happened because you were watching the whole time.  Dogs are like kids, and you always have to keep a close eye on them.

What steps do you take to help your dogs stay safe when they're being active?

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