What To Keep In Your Bag at Weddings

Monday, May 7, 2018

Wedding season is upon us! From not through Fall you'll likely attend a couple weddings for some of your closest friends.  Sure it's great to dance, eat, and drink but there are a few things you should ensure you bring along in that adorable evening clutch so you have a great time without any fashion mishaps. 

Of course you will get teary eyed when your friend is at the altar but what's worse than messing up your make up is sniffling the entire time they read their vows.  ALWAYS have a few tissues whether it's in your clutch or stashed in your bra.  Blow your nose (quietly) so you can stop sniffling and then blot your eyes as the tears roll, being careful not to mess up your makeup.

Eyeliner/Mascara for Touch Ups
Even if you have waterproof makeup on, stuff can still get messy.  There's nothing worse than realizing your eyeliner is fading on one eye or having more mascara on one eye.  I always bring extra eye makeup for cases like this. And since eyeliner and mascara comes in thing tubes it doesn't take up much space in your bag.

Barrettes and Hair Ties
So even if you have the CUTEST hairstyle when you're wearing it down, things happen.  Dancing makes you sweaty, wind can mess up your style at an outdoor wedding, and sometimes you just want it out of your face.  Always stash an extra ponytail holder or two as well as some hair pins so you can style a quick up do on your next trip to the bathroom.

Cash for Bar Tip and Cab Fare
Even if your bride and groom are covering the costs of everything for the guests, you should ALWAYS tip the bartenders.  It's just proper etiquette.  Always bring a few bills with you and remember that it helps if you need cab fare.

Blister Blocker
Blisters can happen and when they do they happen fast and derail your night.  Aside from properly breaking in shoes beforehand, you can also try a product like Blister Blocker from Solemates.  It's so tiny that it's easy and convenient to keep it in your evening bag and then you just rub it on where you need it.

Heel Protectors
You probably already have experienced this before but in case you haven't, let me explain.  You're arriving to the outdoor wedding and walking through the grass and suddenly your heels are stabbing into the ground and you have to yank your leg up with each step.  Then your stiletto heels are covered with mud and grass.  It's not only embarrassing but it can ruin your shoes.  That's where Solemates Heel Protectors come into play.  They easily slip over the pointy heel and it's so much easier (and safer) to walk.  I never attend a wedding without these in my bag.

Which of these items have you desperately needed before? If you have any entertaining mishaps, please share below!


  1. Great tips on carrying those much needed items. Thanks for your visit. That gadget appetizer is so easy. I wish I thought of it!

    1. I swear i'd be a millionaire if I could think up some of those life saving solutions!

  2. Thank you for your comment in my blog.

  3. Doesn't your comment message mean.... "You must NOT be a no-reply blogger..."? :-)

    1. HA! wow. I can't believe I never caught that. Thank you so much!!


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