How To Make a Cheese Board for National Cheese Day on June 4th

Friday, May 25, 2018

Yeah that's right... National Cheese Day is June 4th.  A whole entire day with a great excuse to celebrate our best addiction - CHEESE!! I swear I could eat cheese everyday and never get sick of it.  I've been known to eat cheese straight out of the bag when it's shredded and I could easily destroy a block of cheese by myself.  Don't Judge Me!!!

So to celebrate National Cheese Day I wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to make an adorable cheese board for the next time you're entertaining.  Some cheese boards have other stuff on them like dried fruits or mustards but I like mine with strictly cheese and some meat since that's what everyone tends to devour most. 

Step 1: Get a Wooden Cutting Board
They have cute shapes and sizes of boards.  I have little mini cutting boards that I use strictly for occasions like this. The best part is you can do your cutting right on the board and use it as the display.  

Step 2: Purchase
Choose several different varieties of cheese.  I like to get at least one that doesn't have a super strong flavor, 2 with strong flavors, and 1 or 2 spicy flavors.  This gives everyone options and the different cheese taste different with certain wines and other meats and fruits. 

Step 3: Cut it
The key to an appealing cheeseboard is if you plan to keep the main block of cheese on there, you don't cut the entire thing at once.  Cut several slices and let them just fall forward which creates an awesome display.  Once the sliced pieces get consumed, you can either cut some more or allow guests to cut slices themselves. With the meats I usually slice them on a separate cutting board and put only the sliced or cubed pieces out on the cheese board.  

Step 4: Arrange
This is the fun part but also it's pretty easy.  Just display everything so it looks pretty on the board.  It doesn't have to be perfect at all.  No one will sit there and be like "Oh, wow this cheese board is very unorganized."

Step 4: Serve
Enjoy your art and the delicious taste of cheese!! Cheese boards are perfect for any occasion.   And they're great inside or outside.  People even arrange cheese boards on the go when they are visiting a vineyard or having a picnic. 

What foods do you put on your boards?

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