A Garden Update for May

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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So finally the weather seems to be staying consistenly warm which means it's garden time!

This year I'm keeping it a bit more simple. 

I'm doing butternut squash in my big garden bed and lettuce in my small bed.  I'm also doing a tomato plant in a container, 2 zucchini plants in containers, and a few sweet pepper plants in containers.  This year is a wild one not just because of the weather but also because we are having a patio put in this month.  I can't wait to show you that when it's done!

Groundhogs destroyed the fence to my one bed last year so we double reinforced it this year.  James wants to redo my beds for next year so we'll see what he has in mind. 

The lettuce was actually planted when the weather was still crappy and it's starting to sprout! Salads galore in a few weeks!

Our garden toad hasn't returned this year (yet) but maybe the patio will entice her to reappear. 

Also we dug up the ground outside the screened in porch and put stones in.  Once the patio is done we will have some pavers down on the stone creating a path from the patio to the other side of the porch where the garden beds are!

We still have more to do and once the patio is in it'll look so good with other planting and landscaping stuff I do.  Luckily we were able to save money by using the stones we had put in the old garden beds where the patio will be.  We literally moved them shovel full by shovel full over to this new area.

I got all my flower pots for the patio ready too but I'm keeping them out front for now until it's in.

Check back next month for updates and hopefully new patio pics!!

How is your garden doing this year so far? And what are you planting?!

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