Why Female Friendships Are So Important

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

There's something to be said about the relationship you have with your girlfriends.  Whether you have a few close ones or just one VERY close girlfriend, the bond you have is a crucial part of your everyday life.   To celebrate how amazing it is to have a female friendship bond I wanted to break down why it's so important and how we as women benefit from it.

You Can Never Be Too Clingy
Whether you're single or married, there's still something that you just can't get from a guy.  Guys don't always want us to text them 10000 times a day.  But your girlfriends won't care.   It's a judgement free zone.  You can send 15 back to back text paragraphs and your bestie will embrace it.

They Just GET You
As women, our hormones can make us so emotional and men just don't get it.   But you can get break your nail and burst into tears and tell your girlfriend and she'll get it.  She won't look at you like you need to be locked up in an insane asylum.  We get it.  We get that sometimes you just need a good cry and we won't judge you.

Inside Jokes
The best part of female friendships are the ridiculous inside jokes you have.  The ones that when someone at the store makes somewhat of a reference to it, you can immediately text her and tell her and you'll both laugh and laugh.  Having inside jokes with someone makes you feel an even deeper bond, so laugh away!

They Have Your Back
No matter what happens, you'll always have your girlfriends there even if you're overreacting.  While we do give advice that you don't want to hear sometimes, we as women can also gauge by your mood if you need actual advice or just someone to say "OH I HATE HER TOO FOR DOING THAT TO YOU AT WORK!".  Men don't always get that.   Even when you feel alone like no one's in your corner, a good girlfriend will be.  And that's all you really need right?

Good Company
Whether you both just hang out and read magazines in the same room together or you need a sidekick while you run errands, it feels good to be in each other's company. 

They Know You
There's no better feeling than being so incredibly close to someone that they could basically switch places with you for a day and be able to live your life as you, making the decisions they know you'd make. That's when you really know someone!

You Have A Vault for Secrets
Don't even try to deny it....every time someone tells you something and says you can't tell ANYONE, you feel like telling someone, right? And that person is probably your girlfriend.

To celebrate female friendships, leave a comment below with your favorite memory you have with your closest girlfriend!


  1. This is so true!! I love this post girl! :)


    1. I know right, we'd be lost without our besties wouldn't we? :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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