A Rat Update [Sad + Happy]

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


I'll do the sad part first I guess.... you may recognize Charlotte the rat from A LOT of my rat posts over the last couple of years.  Well she sadly passed away last week at 3 years of age which is normal and really good for a rat.  She was such a sweet girl.

And the happy news? Meet Meeko and Jax.  They are two fairly young baby rat brothers I got shortly after Charlotte passed away.  

They have the sweetest faces and personalities so far.   It's been quite a long time since I owned a male rat but they tend to be more docile and less hormonal than females (shocker) and are very good at just sitting calmly in your lap while you watch TV.

Since these guys are young, I'm giving them a week to adjust to their cage and to build some trust with me (I'm holding them A LOT) and then I'm going to work on training them.  I'll be sure to post updates here and on social media along the way.  And you'll be seeing them in more posts about pet products too! 

Charlotte was laid to rest next to the rat I had before her, Hoodie.

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