How To Achieve Customer Success

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The goal of every company or business is generally to achieve customer success which means that a customer gets what they want (their desired outcome) through their interactions with your company or business.  So whether you are providing them with a product, or assisting them with a service, you will have helped them achieve their outcome.  That being said, how do you do that?   Well, here are some tips to help you keep your customers happy so that both you and they can achieve customer success.

Fulfill Their Needs
Every customer or client that comes to you has something that needs fulfilled.   Your job is to determine what they need if they don't already know, and provide them with it.  For me, when I published my own book on finances I knew that the goal I had achieved by getting out of debt was something other people would want and the service I could provide for them was to explain how I did it and help motivate them.  If your product or business deals with beauty products then your customers end goal is probably to have nice skin so think of how you can help them achieve that.  A productis great but you also want to guide people on how to use it and how to properly care for themselves. 

Listen to Their Feedback
How do you know if you're doing a good job fulfilling their needs?  By asking them! Use social media or email newsletters to request feedback on your product or services.  Take everything they say seriously.  The things they have positive feedback about are things you're doing well so continue to do them.  If you can tweak them then go right ahead as long as your customers have good feedback about it.  If they  have complaints, don't take them as a personal attack but rather constructive criticism.  Change your practices to better meet their needs and eliminate complaints.  Don't be afraid to reach out personally to someone and ask to discuss what specifically they disliked about your product or service.

Envision Their Struggles
If you were a customer using your own product or service, what parts would you struggle with? Affording the pricing is a great example.  A possible solution would be to allow payment plans.  What do your customers struggle with and how can you continue to offer ways to meet their needs and solve their problems?  When I wrote my book I had to imagine what parts may be difficult for the average person and I made myself go back and further break down and explain processes in a much simpler way.

Interact with Them
Get to know and interact with each customer and building a personal relationship.  Send personal notes or emails letting them know how much you appreciate their business and asking them for any feedback. This makes them connect with you on a more intimate level and allows them to trust you even more.  When people feel appreciated they will be more likely to recommend your company.

Hopefully you can keep this tips in mind and not only grow your company or brand but continue to keep customers happy and satisfied.

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