Another Stella Update

Monday, May 21, 2018

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A few months ago we realized Stella was limping and it turned out she injured her ACL.  Since then we took steps to help her heal conservatively to avoid the expense and risk from surgery.

It's been since January and she is doing so so much better!  She still holds her one leg up when she tries to run super fast across hard floor but that's because she doesn't want to slip with it again.  Once she's on carpet or outside on the grass she uses all 4.  

It's still going to take some time to get her used to using all 4 on ALL SURFACES but we're working on it. 

We still have carpet runners in different areas of the house to help Stella stay cruising along! Another important thing I began doing was pushing Stella's back end back and forth which caused her to use both legs to hold her up and balance the weight.  Sometimes dogs are so used to not using something or they are afraid it will hurt if they use it so they continue to hold their paw up.  That's exactly the case with Stella it seems because after we did those exercises for 2 days I saw her using the "bad" leg again.  She just needed to be convinced. 

I also have been giving Stella Nutramax Cosequin (DS) Plus from Chewy! These chews just get plopped into her mouth once a day and she enjoys the taste.  It's so so important to use a product like Cosequin.  Cosequin plays a vital role in maintaining optimal joint function.  It helps the cartilage production and it protects the cartilage that's already there so it doesn't breakdown.  Cosequin is also the only glucosamine sulfate supplement show to be safe and effective.  The glucosamine and chondroitin help with mobility too and these even contain omega-3's to promote a healthy coat and skin.  Stella needs to be on this for life so she always has healthy joints and can jump, rise, and climb her doggy steps.  It's never too soon to start giving this as a supplement so that you never have to deal with joint issues with your dogs.

I'll post another update soon.  But for now I'm going to keep working on Stella using all 4 legs ALL the time.

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