Realistic Essentials Every Female Needs in Her Bag

Friday, May 18, 2018

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There are always posts out there about what you should carry in your bag but some of the items aren't really that useful or practical.  So today, in my usual style of getting straight to the point, I'm going to give you some advice on what bare bones essential items you need in your bag whether you're on a date, at your man's house, at a business dinner, or just out with friends. 

Extra Underwear
Yep, I'm just jumping right to it now aren't I? Well let's be honest, our panties are so thin and tiny any more it shouldn't be a problem stuffing an extra pair in to the zipper pouch inside your bag.  This can come in handy in SO MANY situations, really! If you have bladder issues and you leak when you sneeze, boom - you won't have to be uncomfortable at your business dinner. Just change in the restroom as discreetly as possible.  Period come early? Boom! (Also carrying tampons is a no brainer). Having a fun night at your dude's house and things get exciting.... you have a clean pair for after!  

Not only is a Band-Aid essential when your shoes are rubbing you in the wrong spots but it can also come in handy if you do get a nasty cut or have any other kind of issue.  Also, hang nails are the worst and we have tendency to pick them until they get worse.  Throw a band aid on and resist the urge  until you get home and can properly deal with it.

Fashion Tape
Fashion tape has saved my life and sanity so many times it's not even funny.  For instance, once I threw on a top in a rush before I headed out with friends. Well, the top didn't fit as nicely as it used to and my bra kept poking out from the one side.  It was so annoying and uncomfortable and began to affect my mood. I slipped into the bathroom and used the tape to secure my top in the right spot so my bra no longer peeked out.  It's amazing how great the rest of the night was because I didn't have to be concerned anymore with what was showing! Fashion tape is AMAZING!!!! It's great as a temporary hem solution too!

DooDoo Juice
Don't laugh because I know you can ALL understand this in some way, shape, or form.  Let me set the scene -  you're at a house party and suddenly you have to go number 2.  Hey, you're only human.  So you get to the bathroom but you're freaking out because there's a line and they may definitely know what you did when you come out.  That's why DooDoo Juice exists.   Or maybe you are spending the night at a guy's house and then the next morning you wake up and uh-oh... you can't just run home right away to do your number 2, so just relax. That's again why DooDoo Juice exists.  It's a natural toilet odor spray that is guaranteed to neutralize even the most horrendous bathroom odors.  Each 2 ounce bottle gives you 100 uses.  All you do is spray the toilet bowl water with DooDooJuice before you use it.  See when you spray it, it creates a film over the water that traps the bad spells inside.  And when you splash during...well you know what... the film releases it's scent into the air.   This is SUCH a lifesaver!!!!  Ladies, seriously do NOT leave home without this! Plus, fifty cents from every bottle sold gets donated to Doo Good things in the community.  The little bottle is very discreet in your bag because it's lightweight and not a hassle to carry.  Plus if it's your first time ordering you can use the code FIRSTORDER to get 10% off.  And coming back for more? Use the code 10NEXT for 10% off your next order!

So many people DON'T carry tissues in their car OR bag.  I don't know how they survive.  I can't tell you how often they come in handy in a variety of situations.  Random crying outburst in your car? Say no more.   Boogie stuck in an uncomfortable spot during your date? Slip into the bathroom and use a tissue.  Seriously ladies just buy a little travel pack and keep it stuffed into your handbag, it's not that hard!

So I hope today's post has helped give you solutions to common mishaps that happen when you're out and about in your everyday life.  Maybe next time you have to go number 2 or have a fashion mishap you'll think of me and this post!

Which of these items are you going to start carrying?


  1. Yes tissues are a must,hand gel,doodoo juice gonna look into that one and for me a spare pair of tights is essential


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