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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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From time to time I love to do a general round up post of products or services I've been utilizing that I really love and recommend to my readers.  So without further ado, here are some things I've been loving lately.

Pork Rinds
Yes, you read that correctly.   Pork Rinds are one of my newest guilty pleasures and I just love them. The brand is Southern Recipe Small Batch and they have a variety of awesome flavors! There's Cilantro Lime, Blackberry Habanero, Korean Kimchi BBQ, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, Spicy Dill, and Pineapple Ancho Chile!
This was Korean Kimchi BBQ

Salt and pepper

So why do I love these so much? Well, aside from the yummy flavor options I'm on a path to better fitness and nutrition so I need to choose healthier snacking options.  Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds are a high protein, low carb snack.  They're made with Sunflower Oil flavor which is delicious and these snacks give you a heart health boost, more energy, and benefit the immune system.  They are also gluten free which is great because James loves them and he can't have gluten, obviously.  If you are trying to watch what you put in your body, these are a great snack idea.   Plus if you're like me and you're staying active, you could use the extra protein for energy!

Air Filter Delivery Service
You should already know by now that I'm all about less errands and more convenience.  So of course Filter Snap made my list of services I love because they deliver filters to my door on the schedule that I choose.  All you have to do is tell them your filter size (which can be found on your current filter), select the filter quality you want (basic, standard, ultimate), and then choose the replacement schedule (1,2,3,6, or 12 months).  When the box shows up, you know it's time to change the filter. 

So not only is it saving you a trip to the store but it's reminding you to change your filter.   If you don't regularly check and change your home's air filter, you can be wasting energy and paying up to 15% extra on your energy bill.  Not to mention your allergies will go nuts when your home is filled with pollutants that can't get filtered out.  Rocky has a heart condition and air quality is a big deal in our household.  Whenever he starts coughing and sneezing I know it's time to change the filter anyways but it's always right on schedule since we do it monthly.  Even I've noticed a major difference.  You seriously need to sign up for this service. Air filters start at just $11.97! Go here to sign up!

 Found My Animal Collars
Not only do I love the product but I love the mission behind the brand. Found My Animal's  overall mission is to promote animal adoption by letting people's pet wear their values.   They encourage rescue of an animal over purchase and their asking pets and their owners to deliver the message through something they already wear - a collar or leash!  They even have some other accessories!
 Sweet Rocky here is modeling his newest collar which is part of Found My Animal's Target Collection.  It has solid brass hardware and a strong and sturdy plastic release buckle.  The webbing is 100% waterproof which is great if your dog is out in the rain to go potty or even loves to swim.  You can wipe it down to clean it and every collar has a FOUND flag to sera reminder that you found your very best friend.  

These specific collars are available on the Target website here. I love the color choices and I love how they have an earthy and fun tie-dye ombre theme! The fact that these are hand-dyed make them that much more unique.  The sizing is pretty accurate as well.  I also love the selection of handmade leashes and the gorgeous designs and colors. Found My Animal is a great brand that spreads a great message.

 Luxury Dog Beds
I say luxury because anything with memory foam is a real treat in my opinion. Petlinks makes amazing products and they (including this dog bed) can be found at pet stores and online at Walmart and Chewy.   
 This bed is known as the Supreme Soother and I can see why! Not only is it covered in a soft fabric, but it's eco-sourced memory foam is composed of leftover remnants from foam manufacturing.  This keeps waste out of landfills.  EcoRest fiber-fill is made from the equivalent of 80 recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that?   The memory form is important because it conforms to your body and supports joints and relieves pressure points.  Since Stella has issues with her joints already, she's really been loving this.  It distributes your pet's weight evenly and can help soothe achy, sore muscles.  The corduroy on the sides give the bed a nice fashionable look, too.   And it's easy to wash because it has a removable zippered cover that you can just toss in the washing machine. 

The bed even has cooling gel beads that help keep the pups from getting hot and uncomfortable while they sleep.  My dogs are like little ovens at night so this is a great feature.  Stella has already been dreaming and barking in her sleep since she can sleep more soundly now.

So Splash Brands has this really cool thing called a MemoVase. It's literally a vase that you can write on.  This means it's an AWESOME gift idea! And it can be reused plenty of times.  The white ceramic vase is about 8" tall and the whiteboard can be used with the black marker that they give you or with any standard whiteboard marker.  And you can just use paper towels to erase what you wrote.  I decided to use it to hold my wedding bouquet.  If I get tired of using it that way I may plant some Basil seeds inside which means every time I go to trim some fresh basil I will see a lovely little note to myself!

The memo plate comes off and hides the marker.  No one will even know it's there! I love this thing and it makes an AWESOME gift whether you just gift someone the vase or you put something in it.  It's a gift that can be used over and over again!

Splash Brands has some really good products so check them out on Facebook too!

A New Rug 
I got this new rug from Wikibuy for a great deal! I love the pop of color it gives the living room. We were due for a new rug because the dogs destroyed the old one and it was way too small for the coverage we wanted.  I love the design, I love the feel, and I love the size!!!   

So that's what I've been really into this month.   Have you tried any of these products? 


  1. I'm loving that cuddly, snuggely bed you found. Our oldest furr baby suffers terribly from her hips and this would be perfect for her. And that Memo Vase, what a neat idea

    1. I know right, I'm mad I didn't think of the idea for a memovase first, lol. And yes, this kind of bed would make a big difference for your fur baby with hip issues.


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