Uniquely Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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Ahh, Mother's Day. It comes around EVERY year but yet somehow every year we are unprepared and struggle to find a decent gift.  I like to go for unique gifts instead of just flowers or a manicure gift certificate so I wanted to give you guys some inspiration too.  Here are a few unique but AMAZING gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Wine Subscription Club
Give your mom the gift of trying a new wine each month with a subscription to a Wine of the Month club.  There are all kinds of companies out there offering this type of service so shop around.  It doesn't have to be for an entire year but if you can afford it, 2-3 months would be just fine.

Pioneer Woman Magazine
I'm telling you that you CAN NOT go wrong with a subscription for your mom when it comes to Ree Drummond! I get this magazine and it's packed with so much different stuff. D├ęcor inspiration, recipe ideas, and even fashion stuff!  Purchase a gift subscription here.

So one of the really great things about a DNA Kit is that it's a gift that lasts forever.  The knowledge you gain from knowing your REAL roots is invaluable.  What's really cool is if you and your mother both do a DNA kit.  I recently got my DNA results from MyHeritage. You can order here and use the code ELLENROSS for free shipping ($12).  Your total for one DNA kit would be $69.

Flowers To Plant 
If your mom loves gardening and planting flowers each year, consider getting her several trays of annuals (or even perennial bulbs) so she can plant them and enjoy them for the next few months.  And bonus idea - help her plant them! You spend time with her and she gets to enjoy her favorite activity.  Flowers can be pricey so it's always nice to do the purchasing as a favor to your momma.

Who can go wrong with a gift of baked goods especially Macarons! Dana's Bakery has a HUGE selection so you can order whatever flavor and color you think your mom would like best.  And enjoy some wine and cheese along with those macarons as you visit with your mom on Mother's Day!

Which of these do you think YOUR mother would love most?

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