Key Tips for Success as a Dental Assistants

Thursday, May 3, 2018

According to the United States Department of Labor, the growth
forecast for dental assistant employment from 2016 to 2026 is 19%. The growth is higher compared to other professions and is attributed to expected increase in demand for preventive dental services. However, while it might be easy to find a job as an assistant in a dental office, your job satisfaction and long-term success will depend on a number of factors. This article highlights some of the key tips that can help you in becoming a super assistant.

Consider Training

While in some states formal education is not mandatory for dental assistants, taking a course from an accredited program equips one with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle office work and patients’ needs well. Additionally, training will give you a better chance of securing a job in top rated dentist offices.
Best-Dentalassistantschools.Com offers comprehensive information on training and licensing for dental assistants.

Follow Instructions Keenly

A dental assistant should pay keen attention to every detail to avoid making mistakes. This can be achieved by following the guidelines given by the dentist. Keenness should apply both when assisting the dentist as well as in office work. Any small errors can lead to mistakes in the dental procedures or incorrect billing and record entry. While it is impossible to be perfect, following instructions closely can lessen the number of mistakes in the dental office. If there is a new procedure in the office, you should take your time to learn what it entails and ask for clarifications where you do not understand.

As an assistant, strive to be a good listener when talking to the patients, doctors and other workmates. It’s usually a bad experience when the dentist has to pause a session with a client because the assistant didn’t listen to the instructions carefully. So, listen carefully and note key points to avoid confusion.

Practice Professionalism

As an assistant, you should learn to treat the patients, dentists and your other co-workers with professionalism. All the patients should be treated with respect and this means not handling them poorly regardless of the situation. Also, watch your words and actions when interacting with your bosses and other team members. Finally, respect the workplace by coming to work on time, adhering to the dress code and not using time in the office to addresses personal issues.

Be a Good Team Player

As an assistant, you will be working closely with dentists and other staff members in the dental office. Thus, you require great interpersonal skills, communicating effectively with others and playing your role well. When you are cooperative and easy to get along with, you will make work easier for the dentist and maintain a good work environment. Being a great team player also means putting your ego aside especially when you have differences with others to ensure that the dental clinic’s end goals are met.

Show Empathy to the Patients

As a
dental assistant, you may be called to play different roles requiring direct contact with the client. When playing such a role, strive to show empathy to the patients who are nervous and in pain. 

By striving to be an excellent dental assistant, you offer value to the dental office by contributing to effective dental treatments. Dentists will love having you around and your good services may entice them to give you a better package.

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