Enjoying Summer As A Responsible Dog Owner

Monday, May 28, 2018

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Summer is a great time of year.  The sun is out, the weather's great, and there's always something fun to do whether it's inside or outside the house.   As a dog owner summer can be good and bad.  There's more for my dogs to get into outside, and even inside when I'm not in there watching them.   But it's also a great time for them to enjoy the outdoors with me so they don't go stir crazy inside. 

Today I have some tips for how to enjoy summer responsibly as a dog owner.

1 || Hydration
Hydration is not only important to humans but to dogs as well.  Think of how they feel with that fur coat year round.  Always provide your dog water when they are outside for an extended period of time with you.  Make sure the water is clean and fresh too.  If you let water sit in their outdoor bowl it can attract mosquitos.  When your dog comes inside, make sure there's fresh water in their bowl.  Also be mindful of the sun.  If your dog is outside with you in the backyard while you do garden work, and it's a super sunny day, make sure he has some shade or bring him inside after 10-15 minutes.  It's never a good thing for a dog to overheat and become dehydrated.

2|| Ticks
Whether your dog goes outside a lot or not, you need to treat for ticks and fleas.  Ticks can ride inside with you and hop on your dog.   If you have a dog that's outside A LOT or goes in the woods and on trails with you, consider the Lyme Disease shot at your vet.  Also, make sure you treat for fleas and ticks every month with a topical ointment.  It literally takes a few minutes and it can make a huge difference in protecting your furry friend!  Keep your dog away from wood piles and brush and tall grass.  Check him top to bottom when you come inside.  And definitely make it a point to check his ears. I notice a lot of people have ticks in their dog's ears because it's the easiest ALL SKIN place they can find to start feasting.

3|| Proper Nutrition
My dogs love Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Pate from Chewy.  It's easy for them to consume since it's soft and it provides a nice meal aside from their usual kibble.  Since your dogs are probably more active in the summer make sure you are providing a food that has protein in it.  Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Pate are packed with protein in the form of real meat at the very first ingredient.  There are no by-products and no corn, wheat, or soy fillers. And of course no artificial colors or flavors.  This food also has vitamins and minerals in the form of these meaty chunks so that your dog is getting all of the daily necessities he needs to function!

      4|| Avoiding Potty Accidents Inside
      If you are away for a long period of time, consider a crate or dog pen so you don't get home to any unwanted accidents on your nice new carpet.   And if you are outside doing yard work or socializing and you can't have your dog with you, make sure you make it a point to check on him and let him out to potty at least once an hour. 

      5|| Outdoor Safety
      Of course any time of year you should be mindful of outdoor safety but especially in Summer.  Always make sure your dog is on a secure leash and has the proper identification tags on his collar in case he runs off.  If your dog is microchipped make sure your information is up to date! Always keep an eye on your dog when he is outside and monitor what he's doing so you can prevent him from eating anything that may be poisonous.  Don't let him roam around without a leash, especially if other people in your neighborhood walk their dogs.

      Does your dog like to spend time outside in the Summer or is the heat too much?

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